Interview with Sally Goddard Blythe on the role of reflex integration in the symptoms of ADHD

Whether you’re an adult with ADHD, a parent of a child with ADHD, or an educator who supports learners with ADHD, there’s something in this amazing lineup for you.

Here’s a sneak preview of our schedule:

April 26th: Parents with Children – feat. Alma Galvin, Seth Perler, Dr. Stephen Porges, Karen Tui Boyes, and more.

April 27th: Adults with ADHD – feat. Frank Coppola, Linda Roggli, Brendan Mahan, Duane Gordon, Dr. Bruce Lipton, and more.

April 28th: An Educator’s Perspective on Adult and Child ADHD – feat. Sally Goddard Blythe, Dr. Joyce Wyden, Laura the ADHD Mama, Bonnie Harris, and more.

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Can’t wait to see you LIVE on April 26th,

Bob Dietrich
Host, ADHD Toolbox LIVE

Published: 20th April 2022
Category: Sally Goddard Blythe