One Day Course for Teachers online 12th September 2022

In the wake of the pandemic we are seeing more children struggling with the basic educational skills of reading and writing and the legacy of limited time engaged in physical activities and socialisation.

Some of these issues were a matter of growing concern before Covid hit our shores (See article: Neuromotor Readiness for School published in Education 3 – 13 autumn 2021), with successive pilot projects indicating that there had been a gradual increase in immaturity in children’s motor skills between 2005 and 2021.

INPP is offering a one day online course for teachers in the use of the published screening test used in the above studies and the developmental movement programme for use in schools.

The developmental movement programme was designed to improve children’s neuromotor skills as the physical basis for control of the eye movements needed for reading, hand-eye coordination involved in writing and the postural stability needed to sit still.

Places on this course, which is due to be offered online on the 12th September 2022 are limited. For information contact: #

Published: 28th July 2022
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Annual Licentiate Renewal 2022/23

The annual renewal for INPP Licentiates is due on 1st June 2022.  If you are a current or past Licentiate and would like to renew, please contact uk

Published: 14th May 2022
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Interview with Sally Goddard Blythe on the role of reflex integration in the symptoms of ADHD

Whether you’re an adult with ADHD, a parent of a child with ADHD, or an educator who supports learners with ADHD, there’s something in this amazing lineup for you.

Here’s a sneak preview of our schedule:

April 26th: Parents with Children – feat. Alma Galvin, Seth Perler, Dr. Stephen Porges, Karen Tui Boyes, and more.

April 27th: Adults with ADHD – feat. Frank Coppola, Linda Roggli, Brendan Mahan, Duane Gordon, Dr. Bruce Lipton, and more.

April 28th: An Educator’s Perspective on Adult and Child ADHD – feat. Sally Goddard Blythe, Dr. Joyce Wyden, Laura the ADHD Mama, Bonnie Harris, and more.

There are only 500 free tickets available – sign up today to save yours!

Can’t wait to see you LIVE on April 26th,

Bob Dietrich
Host, ADHD Toolbox LIVE

Published: 20th April 2022
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In Memoriam: A Tribute to Kjeld Johansen PhD


A Tribute to Kjeld Johansen PhD

1937 – 2022

The mind behind Johansen Individualised Auditory Stimulation Training


I met Kjeld Johansen in Chester in 1993 when he was on his way to meet with Paul Madaule in Canada. Kjeld had participated in training in the INPP method with Catherina Johannesson-Alvegård in Sweden and Catherina had suggested that we should meet.

Auditory processing difficulties had long been recognised as being a factor in Dyslexia but academics at the time could not agree on whether they were primarily causal, contributory or intrinsic. During his college years Kjeld had met with people using a method of auditory stimulation developed in California by the Danish-American researcher Christian A. Volf (1894-1967).  Later, as a teacher, he noticed that several pupils with written language problems categorised  as having dyslexia, actually suffered from problems with basic auditory sensing and perception of certain frequency ranges and at the same time often had problems with ear preference and some aspects of cross laterality.  Based on ideas from Volf, Tomatis, Orton and many more, his own work and improvements in technology, he developed the method now known as Johansen Individualised Auditory Stimulation (JohansenIAS).

As a teacher, Kjeld devoted much of his spare time to carrying out hearing and listening assessments and presenting and writing up his findings for publication.  He also worked in cooperation with musician Bent Peder Holbeck who composed frequency specific music with the aim of training pathways between the ear and the brain to function more efficiently in discriminating the sounds of speech and written language and improving the speed of auditory processing and selective listening.  The system, developed over many years of meticulous attention to detail is used to support children and adults suffering from learning, behavioural and social-emotional problems.

A modest man, more interested in making a difference to individuals than in promoting his own methods, fame or fortune, he belonged to a rare generation of genius, dogged in his pursuit of an idea, quietly persistent in the face of scientific and academic scepticism and a true teacher, who inspired students from all over the world to enquire, test and practise the ideas and  method he had developed.

The gentle non-invasive system that he has given to the world was typical of the man.  Quiet, determined, humorous and also, very kind.  When I first met him, we arranged for him to return to the United Kingdom the following year to provide a training course to my late husband and me.  The date was set in advance. None of us remembered this when my late husband arranged a date for our wedding.  By the time we did realise, it was far too late to make changes.   So, Kjeld arrived on Thursday, Peter and I married on Friday, Kjeld and his wife joined us for our evening celebration and we spent the next three days training together.  Kjeld had also omitted to tell us that he had experienced severe chest pains a few days before and been advised not to travel.  These extraordinary circumstances in which neither side was willing to disappoint the other, set the tone for what became an extended family not only to INPP but also personally to us.

His last presentation to an INPP conference in 2018 in Madrid was for me, his very best.  Divested of all the trimmings of technology, he sat on a stool on the platform and simply told a story – the story of how from a boy he had followed a path to where JIAST is today.  This story was so much more than a method.  It was a summary of a lifetime of searching, discovering and continuing to question.

It is with great sadness but also joy for all that he has given and the difference he has made to so many people all over the world, that we wish him farewell and his family our condolences for their much greater loss.

Sally Goddard Blythe

Director INPP International

Published: 2nd February 2022
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Return to the of reading real books

As the Covid pandemic continues and online fatigue is experienced by many, there has been a resurgence of interest in reading real books again.

INPP currently has a number of titles in stock:

The Genius of Natural Childhood (18 copies)

Raising Happy Healthy Children (2 copies)

Movement,  Your Child’s First Language (2 copies)

Attention Balance and Coordination – the ABC of Learning Success  (6 copies)

A History of the INPP method 1975 – 2018 (20 copies)

These may  currently only be ordered directly from:

Published: 10th January 2022
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