Webinar based on “Movement. Your Child’s First Language”

This webinar, first shown on the 18th September 2018, can be viewed via the link below.


We regret that owing to the poor quality of the internet connection during the transmission of this interview the picture quality  is erratic. In view of this, visitors may prefer to switch off the video connection and simply listen to the content as for a radio interview.


Published: 26th September 2018
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Webinar on ehealth Learning

To view last night’s webinar between Sally Goddard Blythe and John Wilks of ehealth Learning about Movement – Your Child’s First Language please follow this link to their facebook page and scroll down.  Viewing will be available for the next 48 hours.


Published: 19th September 2018
Category: Sally Goddard Blythe

Movement – Your Child’s First Language

Sally Goddard Blythe will be taking part in a live Webinar this evening, Tuesday 18th September 2018.  For further details on how to watch please follow this link.  https://www.facebook.com/events/2223118407922451/

Alternatively you may sign up for the live stream here  https://ehealthlearning.tv/course/movement-your-childs-first-language/


Published: 18th September 2018
Category: Sally Goddard Blythe

Movement: Your Child’s First Language

New title now available

Snippet and review may be found at:


Copies available from www. hawthornpress.com or www.inpp.org.uk/books

Published: 11th September 2018
Category: Sally Goddard Blythe