Open Eye Seminar in London on the 4th October 2008

Sally Goddard Blythe will be one of a number of participants as this meeting convened to discuss the implications of the EYFS framework, which became law in the autumn of 2008. She will make a short presentation on “Developmental Readiness – the foundation for later learning success”

4th October 2008, 10am to 5.30pm
Foundations for Early Childhood – towards a constructive dialogue
Margaret McMillan Room, BAECE, 136 Cavell Street, London E1 2JA
This path-breaking seminar will bring together a number of key thinkers and policy makers from within the
early childhood field to look closely at the issues and controversies raised by the introduction of the Early
Years Foundation Stage (EYFS). It will show how these considerations are leading to a deeper reflection on
the nature of childhood and the principal developmental and educational needs of the Early Years.
Core Aim:
To ensure that Early Years policy-making in the UK acknowledges and reflects the extraordinary potential and developmental sensitivity of young children
· To discuss ongoing concerns about the introduction of the EYFS and why these have arisen
· To share current thinking on age appropriate development and learning environments for early
· To contrast and compare how Early Years policy in the UK differs from that of other European
· To examine different approaches to early development and learning
· To share research on childhood stress and wellbeing in the UK
· To provide an open and dynamic platform for ongoing dialogue
The benefits to participants
This will be a unique gathering of people who are concerned about Early Years learning and development
in the UK, and especially England. The issues discussed will have relevance to all participants and will stem
from deep dialogue facilitating a mutual exchange of concerns and ideas. Participants will hopefully come
away with a renewed understanding and passion for the extraordinary importance of the Early Years .
Opportunities will open up for new, dynamic exchanges that can inform the shape of subsequent Early
Years policy-making..

Published: 2nd October 2008
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Montessori European Conference in Oxford 10th -12th October 2008

Sally Goddard Blythe was a keynote speaker at this conference on Friday, 10th October at the Town Hall in Oxford.  Her presentation covered “Observing and Identifying Devopmental Readiness for Formal Learning”.  A summary of her presentation is published in the October edition of The Montessori Journal (Issue 89).

Published: 2nd October 2008
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