Sally Goddard Blythe MSc. Author, lecturer and International Director of The Institute for Neuro-Physiological Psychology in Chester

The Institute for Neuro-Physiological Psychology was set up in 1975 by PhD Psychologist Peter Blythe with the aim of researching into the effect of immaturity in the functioning of the central nervous system on specific learning difficulties and adults suffering from agoraphobia and panic disorder.

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Sally Blythe Goddard
INPP is an organisation dedicated to the development of procedures for the assessment and remediation of neuro-developmental problems

INPP is a private
self-funding organisation

dedicated to the development of procedures for the assessment and remediation of neuro-developmental problems. Since it was established in 1975, the INPP has been at the forefront of research and clinical practice into the effects of abnormal primitive and postural reflexes on learning and emotional functioning and was the first to “map” the relationship between individual reflex abnormalities and specific educational and behavioural outcomes.

Sally Goddard trained at the INPP in 1987/88 and joined the permanent staff in 1988. Since that time she has written numerous articles and papers on neuro-developmental factors in educational difficulties.

In 1996, her first book “A teacher’s window into the child’s mind“ was published by Fern Ridge Press in the U.S.A. This book, which was subsequently extended and updated under the new title of “Reflexes, Learning and Behaviour“ has been translated into 6 languages and has provided the basic information on the significance, assessment and remediation of abnormal reflexes for many other professionals.

She is the author of 7 other books published in more than 6 languages on aspects of child development, including professional manuals for teachers, clinicians and health practitioners and books for parents

In 1996, Sally adapted and extended the INPP clinical programme for application to schools in the form of “The Developmental Test Battery and Exercise Programmes for use in Schools with Children with Special Needs”. This programme has been taught to thousands of teachers in the UK, Germany, The Netherlands, Hungary and Poland over the last 12 years and has been the subject of a number of independent studies Read more

She has also been the driving force behind the development of a standardised international protocol for the provision of training in The INPP Method now available in 14 countries throughout the world.

Titles authored by Sally Goddard Blythe include:

Raising Happy Healthy Children. Why Motherhood Matters

Attention Balance and Coordination – the A B C of Learning Success

Neuromotor Motor Immaturity in Children and Adults

Assessing Neuromotor Readiness for Learning

The Well Balanced Child

Reflexes Learning and Behavior

The Genius of Natural Childhood

Movement. Your Child’s First Language (Coming Autumn 2018)

A full list of Sally Goddard Blythe publications is available here.

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