The 24th INPP International Conference May 2018

Information about this forthcoming conference which will focus specifically on physical factors in learning and auditory processing difficulties may be found at:

INPP Conference

Published: 28th February 2018
Category: Sally Goddard Blythe

Born to Move – available from 1st March 2018

In print from 1st March 2018

Born to Move challenges our mainstream assumptions about early
development and learning with a rich distillation of perennial wisdom and
cutting-edge science. In this revolutionary new book, Sally Goddard
Blythe eschews politically-correct accelerationism with her refreshing focus
on children’s real age-appropriate needs – as opposed to the ones that
impatient adults think they should have.
Based on whole-body approaches to learning developed by Sally Goddard Blythe with music written by Michael Lazarev and stories narrated by Haydn Giffney, this book and CD’s provides parents and early years providers and educators with an understanding of the physical basis of learning together with a rich selection of activities with which to engage young children minds, imaginations and bodies.

Published: 27th February 2018
Category: Sally Goddard Blythe